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3 Steps to learn the skills and build confidence to become a safe driver

If you are a teen: The state of Illinois requires applicants need to complete drivers education which consists in 2 parts: Classroom and behind the wheel. *You must have a proof of completion.

If you are an adult: The state of Illinois requires driver's license applicants ages 18,19, and 20, who have never been licensed or completed and approved driver education course, to complete a six hour Adult Driver Education Course.

Note: You must upload a proof of completion on the payment section.

3 Steps to learn the skills and build confidence to become a safe driver

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Choose The Right Course

Finding the right drivers’ education course and knowing your State’s requirements can be confusing. iDrivio simplifies the process, connects you with an interactive online curriculum that teaches you the rules of the road & safe driving best practices created by driving experts.

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Whether you are learning to drive for the first time or looking to improve your driving, iDrivio offers lessons personalized for all ages, skill levels and needs. We want you to feel comfortable & confident behind the wheel as you learn from the best local driving instructors.

Obtain Your Drivers License

iDrivio is your all-in-one source for online learning to meet your State’s requirements and pass the permit exam and in-car driving lessons that help you get on the road with confidence. Upon completion, iDrivio provides clear instructions on obtaining your Drivers License.


Invest in your safety. iDrivio is built by experts with decades of experience teaching students the skills and techniques to make them safe and defensive drivers.


iDrivio is a platform that connects individuals & businesses with trusted driving instructors providing high quality driving training.


iDrivio provides high quality interactive online courses that are always available online on any device to fit in your busy schedule.


iDrivio uses technology for online scheduling & superior customer service to simplify the steps needed to obtain a drivers license.


We are by your side to answer questions and ready to help you with online learning or offline driving lessons to get you on the road.

"Drivers ed for the 21st century. iDrivio made learning to drive fun, easy and convenient."


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